Mercedes Leather Seat repair

Does your once-luxurious Mercedes leather seat look shiny, cracked and patchy? Here at iLike Auto Detailing in Poole & Bournemouth Dorset, we specialise in bringing car leather interiors back to their showroom condition.

In this blog post, we'll take you through the meticulous process of a Mercedes Leather Seat repair – a seat that was faded, cracked and worn (on the seat bolster) usingGeist Leathercare products, ensuring a flawless, uniform finish.

1. Deep Cleaning: The Foundation for Good Quality Leather Repair

Our journey on this Mercedes Leather Seat repair began with acrucial first step: a thorough deep clean of the affected area. This process is essential for removing built-up dirt, grime, and oils that can hinder the effectiveness of the repair process. We used Geist Leathercare’s high-quality cleaning products, specifically formulated for delicate automotive leather.Once the meticulous cleaning was complete, we were presented with a clean matte surface. This clean canvas was essential for accurate color matching.
Mercedes benz leather seat deep clean

2. Color Matching: A Blend of Art and Science

To ensure a seamless repair,the crucial step of color matching is paramount. Our expert technicians meticulously matched the faded leather to Geist Leathercare’s extensive range of colors.This process is akin to an art form, often involving blending and weighing a mixture of different paints to achieve the perfect match.
colour matching

3. The Transformation: Bringing Uniformity Back to the Leather

With the perfect color match in hand, we carefully applied the Geist Leathercare dye to the affected area. Our meticulous application process ensures a flawless blend with the surrounding leather, reinforcing our commitment to a uniform finish. Depending on the area, we either airbrush or dab the paint, sometimes using a combination of both techniques.
Mercedes Leather repair colour touch up

A Breathtaking Transformation: A Seat Restored to its Former Glory

The final result? A stunning transformation! The once-faded, greasy and cracked leather seat bolster was restored to its original uniform color, looking as good as new. The Geist Leathercare products, coupled with our expertise, breathed new life into the Mercedes leather interior.Mercedes Seat Bolster repair

Looking to Revive Your Car's Leather Interior similar to this Mercedes Leather Seat repair?

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