Single stage Polishing & Detailing of a Mercedes

A Mercedes E-Class single stage polishing & detailing

A client recently brought us their “new” to them Mercedes Benz E-Class for single stage polishing & detailing hoping for a quick shine. However, a close inspection revealed unexpected surprises. Our thorough paint analysis uncovered a full driver-side respray marred by sanding marks and scratches across all body panels, including taillights.

Communication and Tailored Solutions

We immediately contacted our client via WhatsApp to discuss the situation. Going beyond the single stage polishing & detailing. We proposed a multi-technique approach using various polishing pads and compounds. This allowed us to address 90% of the defects, with some areas requiring even more specialized techniques.

Comprehensive Detailing and Protection

Along with meticulous polishing, this Mercedes E-Class also received :

  • Full interior and exterior cleaning and decontamination
  • Crystal Serum Light ceramic coating byGTECHNIQ for superior protection
  • Deep leather cleaning with Geist Leathercare products
  • L1 Leather Shield protection by GTECHNIQ
  • C5 Wheel Armor ceramic coating on the wheels

GTECHNIQ Excellence with Warranties| ||140

As a GTECHNIQ-accredited detailer in the UK, we offer ceramic coatings backed by warranties ranging from 5 to 9 years, depending on the chosen service.

Pro Tip: Protection for Lasting Results

We always recommend that clients protect their investment, whether with wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. This ensures the results of our single stage machine polishing or more advancedpaint correction services last for as long as possible.

Beyond Machine Polishing: Complete Car Care

At iLike Auto Detailing Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset, we understand that a flawless finish is just one aspect of a truly cared-for car. We offer a comprehensive range of detailing services to address all your vehicle’s needs. Whether your leather interior requires expert repair, or you'd like to add an extra layer of protection with Paint Protection Film (PPF), our team of experts is here to help.