Jaguar F Type Ceramic coating

Protect Your Jaguar F-Type with a Ceramic Coating

Dreaming of taking your Jaguar F-Type's appearance and protection to the next level? Look no more than a ceramic coating! This innovative treatment offers superior durability, a stunning high-gloss finish, and long-lasting defense against the elements and UV rays. Here at iLike Auto Detailing in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset, we specialize in meticulously applying ceramic coatings to luxury vehicles, including the iconic Jaguar F-Type.

A Transformation Story: Bringing a Red Jaguar F-Type Back to Life

Recently, we had the pleasure of transforming a stunning red Jaguar F-Type. We combined our3-Star Single Stage detailing service with a comprehensive ceramic coating package to achieve breathtaking results. Here's what we did to elevate this exceptional vehicle:

  • Machine Polishing: Our meticulous polishing process removes imperfections and enhances the paintwork's vibrancy, revealing the true depth of color.
    Jaguar F type machine polishing
  • Ceramic Coating Application: We applied aGTECHNIQ ceramic coating, renowned for its unbeatable protection and shine, to safeguard the paintwork.|| |127
    crystal serum light ceramic coating 5 year guarantee for jaguar f type paintwork
  • Glass Protection: A ceramic coating on the glass improves visibility and water repellency, making every drive safer and more enjoyable.
    glass ceramic coating g1 gtechniq
  • Wheels-Off Detailing: For a truly thorough clean, we remove the wheels for a complete polish and ceramic coating, ensuring lasting protection.
    wheels ceramic coating c5 gtechniq
  • Brake Caliper Care: Deep cleaning and a ceramic coating on the brake calipers restore their pristine look, maintaining a polished appearance.
    jaguar f type deep clean of brake callipers
  • Gloss Black Refinement: We polished the gloss black plastics and spoilers, bringing back their showroom shine and enhancing the overall look.
    jaguar f type maxton design polishing
  • Interior TLC:A thorough cleaning and protection treatment for the interior ensures a spotless and luxurious feel.
  • Rear Taillight Revival:Polishing and protecting the rear taillights not only enhances their clarity but also contributes to overall safety.

The GTECHNIQ Advantage: Industry-Leading Ceramic Coatings with Warranties

As a GTECHNIQ accredited detailing center, we offer the industry's best ceramic coatings, backed by manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind. We offer options with 2, 5, and 9-year warranties. For this particular Jaguar F-Type transformation, we used Crystal Serum Light, which comes with a robust 5-year guarantee.

Ready for the Ultimate Summer-Ready Jaguar F-Type?

Contact iLike Auto Detailing today! We’ll show you how our expert detailing and ceramic coatings can elevate your vehicle’s appearance and protection, ensuring it turns heads wherever you go.