Honda Hornet 750 Protection

Brand New Honda Hornet 750 Gets the Ultimate Protection Package


Every motorcycle enthusiast knows the joy of riding away from the dealership on a brand new bike. That feeling intensifies when your new Honda Hornet 750 rolls straight into a professional detailer’s studio for a complete protection package. This is exactly what happened recently here at iLike Auto Detailing's studio in Poole, Dorset!


This stunning Hornet 750, fresh from Bournemouth Honda| ||117, required more than just a quick wash and wax. Upon closer inspection, our detailers identified the need for a thorough polishing process to ensure the paintwork was in absolute pristine condition. This meticulous step removes any minor imperfections that might be present on a brand new vehicle, allowing the true depth and shine of the paint to emerge.
Honda Hornet 750 Detailing and machine polishing Honda Hornet Motorcycle exhaust polish rupes machine polishing on motorcycle

Once the polishing was complete, it was time to add an extra layer of defense. We opted for a powerful combination of GTECHNIQ ceramic coatings andAvery Dennison PPF (paint protection film). This dynamic duo provides unmatched protection against a variety of threats:
Motorbike fuel tank ppf Motorbike headlight PPF protection Motorcycle ceramic coating

  • Scratches and scuffs: The PPF acts as an invisible shield, deflecting scratches from everyday wear and tear, flying debris, and even minor crashes.
  • Swirls and environmental damage: GTECHNIQ ceramic coatings add a layer of hydrophobicity, repelling water, dirt, and UV rays. This not only makes cleaning and maintenance easier but also protects the paint from fading and oxidation.

By strategically applying the PPF to the fuel tank, tail, and headlight, we ensured the most vulnerable areas of the Hornet 750 received maximum protection. This targeted approach offers superior defense without compromising the bike's sleek aesthetics.

The Benefits of Professional Detailing?

This project serves as a perfect example of why professional detailing is an essential investment for any motorcycle owner. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal of your bike, but it also provides a critical layer of protection that safeguards your investment for years to come.

Thinking about giving your Honda Hornet 750, or any motorcycle for that matter, the ultimate protection package? Contact iLike Auto Detailing in Poole and Bournemouth today to discuss your options!

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